Versatile Teacher Toolkit
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ESL Competencies Assessment Grids

ESL assessment grids and observation tools to monitor students' progress and assess their speaki..

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Irregular Verbs Word Wall and Activities

This irregular verbs word wall set for ESL/ELA students is ideal for back to school. This resource c..

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Quick Grading Rubrics (ESL C2 & C3)

These time-saving grading rubrics provide a fast way of giving feedback on learners' written ass..

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100 Bell-ringer Writing Prompts and Task Cards

100 engaging bell-ringer writing prompts with checklist and scoring rubric for self-assessment or pe..

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Engaging Writing Journal Prompts 1

Twenty engaging writing prompts to help students reflect on the topics of motivation and success.&nb..

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WH-question Words Christmas Edition

Christmas-themed wh-question words task cards and writing activities for young ESL/ELA lea..

3,50 $

Reflective Journals for Teens 1 (Problem solving)

PACK 1: Reflective writing journals with visual support (differentiation) to develop empat..

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Student Performance Reflection Sheets

Student performance reflection (self-assessment) sheets for secondary ESL/EFL/ELA learners to m..

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Opinion Piece Guided Writing/Differentiated

Home packet & Distance learning: Use this comprehensive and differentiated&n..

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Emotions/Feelings Vocabulary Pack 4

Emotions/feelings vocabulary activities: flashcards, picture dictionary, speaking, writing, cut..

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Winter/Christmas Time-filler Activities 1

Pack 1: Christmas/Winter time-filler activities for elementary ESL/EFL/ELA learners: Christmas maze ..

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Response Process Task Cards (Reading Skills)

Use these task cards with informative or literary texts. Use them to teach, develop or consolidate r..

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THEMATIC TASK CARDS Taking Risks (Comfort zone)

These thematic conversation/writing prompts task cards contain questions about taking risk..

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Career Research Project ESL/ELA

Engage and motivate your learners with this differentiated career research project booklet that coul..

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Verbs, Colours, Likes/Dislikes Vocabulary Pack 2

Action verbs, colors, likes/dislikes vocabulary activities: picture dictionary, cut and paste, "..

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