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Irregular Verbs Word Wall and Activities

This irregular verbs word wall set for ESL/ELA students is ideal for back to school. This resource c..

4,50 $

WH-question Words Christmas Edition

Christmas-themed wh-question words task cards and writing activities for young ESL/ELA lea..

3,50 $

Winter/Christmas Time-filler Activities 1

Pack 1: Christmas/Winter time-filler activities for elementary ESL/EFL/ELA learners: Christmas maze ..

2,00 $

Emotions/Feelings Vocabulary Pack 4

Emotions/feelings vocabulary activities: flashcards, picture dictionary, speaking, writing, cut..

3,00 $

I Have, Who Has? Farm and Zoo Animals

Farm and zoo animals vocabulary game for young learners. Use it as an extension and consolidation ac..

1,75 $

Verbs, Colours, Likes/Dislikes Vocabulary Pack 2

Action verbs, colors, likes/dislikes vocabulary activities: picture dictionary, cut and paste, "..

3,00 $

Word Work Worksheets for Any Word Wall

This word work activity pack can be used with almost any word wall sets. This resource contains 20 v..

2,50 $

Winter Vocabulary & Clothes Cut and Paste

Winter vocabulary and Winter clothes tracing, matching, cutting and pasting activities for Grade 1-2..

2,80 $

I Have, Who Has? School Supplies Vocabulary Game

School supplies vocabulary game for young learners. Ideal for back to school to practice school..

1,80 $

Spooky Halloween Word Wall and Activities

This spooky Halloween word wall set features nineteen words related to the theme of Halloween. Use t..

4,30 $

Farm and Zoo Animals Vocabulary Pack 1

Farm and Zoo animals vocabulary activities: picture dictionary, tracing, writing, cut & and..

4,00 $

I Have... Who Has...? Vocabulary Games Bundle

I have... Who has...? Vocabulary Game Bundle: action verbs, antonyms, farm and zoo animals, fruits a..

8,80 $

Idiom Resource Pack 1 - Vocabulary Activities

Idioms/figurative language worksheets: 10 vocabulary worksheets (10 idioms) + 2 assessment sheets or..

3,70 $

Animal Picture Puzzle & Writing Activities

Animal vocabulary/word work and writing pack: picture puzzle, tracing, matching, cutting and pasting..

3,50 $

Fruits and Vegetables Vocabulary Pack 3

Fruits and vegetables word/work vocabulary, grammar and writing activities. For ESL/ELA learner..

4,00 $