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Engaging Writing Journal Prompts 1

Twenty engaging writing prompts to help students reflect on the topics of motivation and success.&nb..

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100 Bell-ringer Writing Prompts and Task Cards

100 engaging bell-ringer writing prompts with checklist and scoring rubric for self-assessment or pe..

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Reflective Journals for Teens 1 (Problem solving)

PACK 1: Reflective writing journals with visual support (differentiation) to develop empat..

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Opinion Piece Guided Writing/Differentiated

Home packet & Distance learning: Use this comprehensive and differentiated&n..

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Tell-Tale Journal Projects - Creative Writing

Creative writing journal ideas to motivate your students. Ideal for individual or group projects. Th..

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Opinion Text Writing Checklists ESL/ELA

Time-saving persuasive/opinion text writing checklist handout, checklist task cards and checklist fe..

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Essay Writing Study Guides and Assessment Rubrics

Argumentative essay, discussion text, feature article, opinion text, and personal essay study guides..

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Engaging Writing Journal Prompts 3

Time-saving writing journal prompts on the topics of school/education. This workbook is ideal for ba..

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Engaging Writing Journal Prompts 2

Guided writing workbook - Writing journals on the topics of choices and society/community. Plan..

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Reflective Journals for Teens 2 (Growth Mindset)

PACK 2: Reflective writing journals with visual support (differentiation) to help teenager..

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Engaging Writing Journal Prompts 4

Time-saving fictional and personal narrative writing prompts for secondary ESL/ELA learners. This wo..

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Feature Article Graphic Organizers

Feature article writing booklet/graphic organizers for grade 9-11 ESL/EFL/ELA learners. This re..

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Feature Article Study Guide & Rubric

Feature article study guide/handout for both teachers and learners. This classroom-tested study guid..

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Feature Article Writing Packet

Feature article writing packet bundle: mini lesson, study guide (handout), graphic organizers (writi..

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Feature Article Mini Lesson

Use this feature article mini lesson when teaching the characteristics of a feature article. This vi..

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