Versatile Teacher Toolkit
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STUDY TASK CARDS: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Novel study task cards: These conversation/writing prompts task cards contain text-dependent, connec..

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Lavender-themed Schedule and Routine Labels

Floral/lavender-themed schedule and routine labels for your secondary ESL/ELA class. If you are look..

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Word Wall & Activities Bundle

This word work activities bundle includes: Halloween-themed vocabulary, antonym pairs, irregular ver..

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Growth Mindset Posters {Purple Watercolour Splash}

Motivational/growth mindset posters with purple watercolour splash as a background. Use this resourc..

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Growth Mindset Posters {Turquoise/Watercolour}

Motivational/growth mindset posters with turquoise watercolour splash as a background. Use this reso..

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Purple Watercolour Classroom Labels & Posters

Purple watercolour classroom labels and posters for back to school: growth mindset posters, purple w..

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Purple Teacher Toolbox Labels

Purple watercolour toolbox labels for back to school (12 editable cards). Ideal for upper-elementary..

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Lavender-themed Teacher Toolbox Labels

EDITABLE: Elegant floral/lavender-themed toolbox labels for back to school (12 editable cards). Idea..

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Lavender-themed Labels & Posters BUNDLE

Elegant floral/lavender-themed classroom labels and growth mindset posters for back to school: growt..

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Watercolor Cactus-themed Classroom Decor

Watercolor cactus-themed classroom decor and set up (partially editable). Over 200 items: class..

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Study Guide

This study guide contains reading journals (finding specific information), focus on language/grammar..

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Differentiated Final Assessment Ideas for Novels

Do you need some differentiated project ideas to wrap up your novel unit? Try these 5 final project/..

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Household Chores Task Cards for ESL Learners

Household chores vocabulary and grammar task cards (multiple choice) for beginner/low-intermediate E..

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Student Choice Project Workbook for Teens

If you wish to incorporate more student choice projects in your classroom, this document will help l..

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Reading Journal & Assessment Ideas for Novels

Hold your students accountable during independent reading (novels) and change the way you wrap up an..

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