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Poster T.H.I.N.K.

This is a 8½ x 11 poster. This is an acrostic with the letters of the word "think" ..

2,00 $

Anglais Simple present affiche

Affiche de conjugaison du Simple Present avec les explications en français. Peut êtr..

5,00 $

Taboo Game - The Holidays

Great game to practice speaking skills or simply have fun! This set contains 84 cards using words r..

6,00 $

FREE - Halloween banners

Check out this free sample from my “Halloween craft activity, vocabulary and speaking game&rdq..


English second language poster simple past

Affiche pour anglais langue seconde du temps simple past. Peut s'imprimer en format 20 X 30 pouc..

5,00 $

Rubrique pour dissertations (Anglais)

Rubric for short essays and written productions Evaluates: *Writing Purpose * Text Structure *..


ESL Basic sentence structure poster

Poster sur la structure de phrase en anglais. Poster pouvant être imprimer en format 20 X 30 p..

5,00 $


ECOSSE - IMAGIER - Texte en ANGLAIS - 1 page. PICTIONARY - Text in ENGLISH - 1 page. ..

3,29 $

The Santa Clause 2 Movie Activities

This document includes: - 4 General knowledge questions about the movie questions - 1 character ac..

6,00 $

The Princess Bride Movie Questions ONLY

These questions are for the 1987 movie ''The Princess Bride'' by Rob Reiner. To h..

1,20 $

Scrooged Movie Questions an Activities

This document includes: - General knowledge about the movie questions * 6 characters to describe ..

5,00 $

Friends Season 1 Tv Show Guide

All season 1's 24 episodes have ±9 comprehension questions. This document also includes a..

11,50 $

Professions in English Who am I

Reading game in power point format. Clues are revealed one at a time while students try to identify ..

6,57 $

Playing in English – BOOKMARKS

Playing in English - BOOKMARKS    Another bookmark to use in class and keep in the n..

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas Movie Activities

This document includes: - 3 General knowledge questions about the movie questions - 1 character ac..

5,60 $