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Je suis enseignante d`anglais langue seconde au niveau secondaire à Montréal, Canada. Je détiens un Bacc en enseignement de l'anglais langue seconde et une maitrise en littérature anglaise. J'ai plusieurs années d'éxpérience en enseignement de l'ALS aux niveaux primaire et secondaire et j'ai toujours adoré créer des ressources pédagogiques afin de mieux répondre aux besoinx des élèves. 

Bonne visite et bon magasinage!

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Summer and All Year Long Reading Challenge

Summer and All Year Long Reading Challenge handout for grade 7-11 ESL/ELA learners. This resource is ideal to encourage your learners to read extensively over the summer or during the school year (extensive reading). ⭐The aim of this activity is: to enrich students’ vocabulary ..

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Mixed Grammar Activities for Beginner ESL

Mixed grammar activities task cards to practice the verbs to be, to have, there is/are, this is/these are, that is/those are, possessive adjectives, and possessive pronouns. Answer log and answer key included. Teaching duration may vary. This resource can be used to check students’ under..

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Single-Point ESL Assessment Rubrics

Single-point ESL assessment grids to assess students' speaking (interacts orally), reading (comprehension of written and oral texts/response process), and writing skills. Please note that these rubrics are formative assessment tools. These single-point ESL rubrics are ideal for f..

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Reading Journal to Accompany Flowers for Algernon

Reading journal to be used with the novel Flowers for Algernon. This resource is ideal to supplement your novel study unit. Please note that this reading journal does not contain detailed reading comprehension questions, but it rather encourages learners to take notes while reading (I..

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Homophones Grammar Activities and Word Wall Set

Teach and/or practice the use of homophones with this word wall set and grammar activities. This resource is ideal for grade 2-4 ESL/ELA learners, but it may also be appropriate for students below or above these grade levels. ✾This resource contains: Homophones word wall &nda..

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