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Je suis enseignante d`anglais langue seconde au niveau secondaire à Montréal, Canada. Je détiens un Bacc en enseignement de l'anglais langue seconde et une maitrise en littérature anglaise. J'ai plusieurs années d'éxpérience en enseignement de l'ALS aux niveaux primaire et secondaire et j'ai toujours adoré créer des ressources pédagogiques afin de mieux répondre aux besoinx des élèves. 

Bonne visite et bon magasinage!

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Homophones Grammar Activities and Word Wall Set

Teach and/or practice the use of homophones with this word wall set and grammar activities. This resource is ideal for grade 2-4 ESL/ELA learners, but it may also be appropriate for students below or above these grade levels. ✾This resource contains: Homophones word wall &nda..

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Graphic Organizers for Choice Novels

Graphic organizers for choice novels. This resource is ideal for independent reading; however, it may also be suitable for whole-class novels. Use the graphic organizers as a booklet using the cover page or select only the worksheets you need. ⭐The downloaded file includes: Graphic organi..

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Idioms Activity Pack for ESL Learners

This Idiom Activity Pack is ideal to teach idioms or to have your students practice the use of idioms. This activity pack contains idioms word wall set, 2 station activities, a game. This resource requires preparation; however, when everything is ready, you may reuse it year after year exc..

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Direct and Indirect Speech Handout

Use this Direct and Indirect Speech handout/study guide to supplement your lesson when teaching reported speech. This resource presents the way we backshift tenses when using reported speech. It also provides examples to show the grammar concept in context. This handout also focuse..

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Argumentative Essay Mini Lesson

Use this argumentative essay mini lesson when teaching or reviewing the characteristics of an argumentative essay. This visually appealing presentation walks students through the main features and structure of an argumentative text. ⭐The downloaded file includes: Argumentative E..

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