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Je suis enseignante d`anglais langue seconde au niveau secondaire (3e, 4e et 5e années) à Montréal, Canada. Je détiens une Licence en philologie: anglais, langue seconde et français, langue seconde. J'ai également une maitrise en études anglaises (littérature anglaise) et un diplôme de microprogramme de deuxième cycle en enseignement au secondaire, cheminement anglais langue seconde. 

Je détiens plusieurs années d'éxpérience en enseignement de l'ALS aux niveaux primaire et secondaire et j'ai toujours adoré créer mes propres ressources pédagogiques afin de mieux répondre aux besoinx de mes élèves. 

Bonne visite et bon magasinage!

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WH-question Words Christmas Edition

Christmas-themed wh-question words task cards and writing activities for young ESL/ELA learners: multiple-choice, writing, coloring, cutting and pasting. What's included? 12 task cards (colored) to be laminated so learners could write on them with an erasable pen/marker + 12 printer-..

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Winter Vocabulary & Clothes Cut and Paste

Winter vocabulary and Winter clothes tracing, matching, cutting and pasting activities for Grade 1-2 learners. These activities are perfect for your Grade 1 and 2 ESL learners. However, this resource may be useful for students below or above these grade levels. Please, check out the preview file to ..

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Winter Idioms and Winter Vocabulary Word Wall

This Winter Idioms and Vocabulary word wall set features fifteen Winter idioms and eight Winter vocabulary cards. This seasonal resource can be used to teach and/or review useful idiomatic expressions and vocabulary or use it for morning work or word work in centers. The following items are inclu..

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How-to Guide to Reacting and Responding to Texts

A two-page long comprehensive how-to guide to reacting and responding to literary and non-literary texts (active reading). This handout offers some guidelines to how to react while reading (Questions learners might ask while annotating a text.); how to show understanding of texts; ..

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Bundle: Music and Teens

This bundle includes two resources you can use while exploring the theme of the influence of music on teens. 1) Mini Research Project Idea - Theme: Music and Teens This creative mini research workbook on the theme of music and its influence on teens' life will certainly engage your artisti..

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