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Je suis enseignante d`anglais langue seconde au niveau secondaire à Montréal, Canada. Je détiens un Bacc en enseignement de l'anglais langue seconde et une maitrise en littérature anglaise. J'ai plusieurs années d'éxpérience en enseignement de l'ALS aux niveaux primaire et secondaire et j'ai toujours adoré créer des ressources pédagogiques afin de mieux répondre aux besoinx des élèves. 

Bonne visite et bon magasinage!

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Objects in the Bathroom Task Cards

Objects in the bathroom vocabulary task cards (multiple choice) for beginner/low-intermediate ESL learners. This resource contains the following vocabulary list and images: 1. Bathtub 2. Cabinet 3. Bath mat 4. Comb 5. Cotton swab 6. Dental floss 7. Deodorant 8. Electric razor..

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Engaging Writing Journal Prompts 4

Time-saving fictional and personal narrative writing prompts for secondary ESL/ELA learners. This workbook contains 10 fictional and 15 personal narrative writing prompts, a peer assessment sheet, an error correction code sheet, and a revising and correcting strategies sheet. ⭐What is included? ..

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Engaging Writing Journal Prompts 3

Time-saving writing journal prompts on the topics of school/education. This workbook is ideal for back to school to learn more about your learners. This workbook contains a selection of 25 writing prompts, a peer assessment sheet, an error correction code sheet, and a revising and correcting strateg..

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WH Question Words Task Cards for Elementary ESL

WH-questions grammar task cards for elementary ESL/EFL/ELA learners. Question words included: Who? Whom? Whose? Where? What? When? Which? How? Why? How many? How much? What is included? 32 task cards (colored background and colored clip art designs) 32 task cards (white background but col..

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Color-Coded Annotating Guide - Handout and Poster

Color-coded annotating guide: Color codes are fun and easy to remember, and you can easily see the traces of students’ work while reading a text. This color-coded annotation guide is perfect for students with learning difficulties or mixed-ability ESL/ELA classes as a differentiation tool..

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