Versatile Teacher Toolkit
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Winter Vocabulary & Clothes Cut and Paste

Winter vocabulary and Winter clothes tracing, matching, cutting and pasting activities for Grade 1-2..

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WH-question Words Christmas Edition

Christmas-themed wh-question words task cards and writing activities for young ESL/ELA learners: mul..

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Response to Reading Journals

These response to reading journals help learners to develop and/or practice reading strategies. This..

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Response Process Resources Bundle

Reading response journals, task cards and guideline bundle. Use them with any informational text, no..

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Design Workbook for IB learners (PBL)

Project-based Learning Design Booklet for IB and/or enriched/advanced ESL learners. These are&n..

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Motivational Oral Interaction/Speaking Task Cards

These discussion task cards are ideal for speaking activities, but you can use them as writing promp..

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Engaging Writing Journal Prompts 2

Writing journals on the topics of choices and society/community. Planning/brainstorming phase includ..

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Halloween-themed Project Idea for ESL/ELA

Use this creative and interdisciplinary Halloween project to engage and motivate your ESL/..

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Bundle: Music and Teens

This bundle includes two resources you can use while exploring the theme of the influence of music o..

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Response Process Guidelines

A two-page long comprehensive how-to guide to reacting and responding to literary and non-literary t..

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Farm and Zoo Animals Vocabulary Pack 1

Farm and Zoo animals vocabulary activities: picture dictionary, tracing, writing, cut & and past..

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I Have, Who Has? Farm and Zoo Animals

Farm and zoo animals vocabulary game for young learners. Use it as an extension and consolidation ac..

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Movie Guide for Any Movie (ESL/ELA/Special Ed)

This student tested movie guide may be used with almost any movie out there, however, the “con..

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Reflective Journals for Teens 2 (Success)

Reflective writing journals with visual support (differentiation) to help teenagers set their m..

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Idiom Resource Pack 1 - Vocabulary Activities

Idioms/figurative language worksheets: 10 vocabulary worksheets (10 idioms) + 2 assessment sheets or..

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