Role play cards for French, Spanish, English

Role play cards for French, Spanish, English

✮ Role play or skit situation cards for French, Spanish or any language class ✮

This is a set of 12 situation or skit cards that your students can use to practice making conversation in French, Spanish or any other language. Students work in pairs and read the situations they are to talk about. Each card includes a situation and suggestions as to what kind of information they should include. All of the cards are written in English, and students adapt by speaking in the target language.

I like to have my students write out the information asked for on each card. Once they have the basics covered they can then take turns being the one asking questions and the one providing answers.

These role play cards are an excellent way to practice conversation when you don't exactly know what the other person is going to say in response. Excellent resource for private tutoring sessions for students who have a hard time with oral production.

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