Listening - One Tree Hill (Season 1 Bundle)

Listening - One Tree Hill (Season 1 Bundle)

These are listening comprehensions for the episodes 1 to 6 of the first season of the TV show One Tree Hill. 

Formatting and the answer key will make your life easier. Simply print and make copies. I also included a writing journal (opinion question related to the episode watched), which can be completed at school or as homework.

This is a wonderful TV show to get the students to discuss issues related to their everyday life such as peer pressure, family unit, friendship, ...

You will see the students will want to watch the show on their own afterwards!!! And since there are many seasons available, this show provides a unique learning opportunity for students.

I have created listening comprehensions for other episodes of the first season of One Tree Hill. It is therefore perfect to assess the progression of a student's learning. In addition, the level of difficulty progresses as the season advances.

Notes from my past experiences and my applied linguistics studies if this evaluation is intended for ESL/EFL learners:

* Linguistics and language acquisition studies show that active listening, such as completing a listening comprehension evaluation, benefits ESL learners much more than passive listening. It gives their listening a purpose and focuses students on trying to figure out the words and meaning.

* According to language learning studies, the use of authentic material (meant for first language) provides more benefits than adapted material.

* If possible, do not use subtitles when presenting a TV show or movie. My experience has shown me that students focus too much on reading the subtitles instead of trying to listen for understanding. Students may feel overwhelmed the first time but they will gain in confidence over time.

* If there is a possibility, try to have each student watch and answer the listening comprehension individually. Provide them with a time frame as to when they must have completed the evaluation and returned it to the teacher. This way you are certain to evaluate their listening skills and not their abilities to listen and write all at once. It also helps students with learning difficulties.

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