Close Reading and Annotating Strategies

Close Reading and Annotating Strategies

Close reading (reading strategies): A practical close reading and annotating strategies handout and bookmarks your ESL/ELA students can colour in (mandalas). Quick annotating reference cards are included. 

How can you use this resource?

  • You may use this resource to develop or consolidate learners' annotating skills to help them engage with any text in a meaningful way.

Use it:

  • while teaching reading strategies
  • while teaching annotating strategies
  • as a cheat sheet
  • quick reference handout or card

What is exactly included in the document?

  • Close reading - Annotating Strategies handout: strategies for before reading, while reading, after reading (Response process: explore, connect to the text, generalize beyond the text); some useful expressions students may use while exploring and discussing the texts and their ideas with their peers (functional language).
  • Bookmarks - Front: inspirational quote, mandala; back side (3 options): 1) close reading strategies for fiction, 2) close reading strategies for nonfiction, 3) annotating strategies (quick annotating reference guide)
  • Quick annotating reference cards - 4 per page (Signs learners may use to show: when the agree or disagree with ideas, when they connect to the text, ideas they like, things they do not understand, ideas that are important, shocking or thought-provoking).

This resource is appropriate for Grade 8-11 learners and you may use it in ESL, EESL, EFL, ELA or even Special Education classes. However, it might be useful below or above the indicated grades. Please, refer to the preview file to determine if this resource is appropriate for your learners.


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Before downloading a product, read the product description and check out the preview document to determine if the resource is appropriate for your students. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


I would highly appreciate your feedback as it helps me improve and create better resources. 


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