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Family Tree Partner Speaking Activity

Students take turns asking and answering questions about their family trees. Written answers only ne..

1,64 $

Drink Connect 4 game

Connect 4 game uses the English verb to drink and 8 drinks. Partners take turns making sentences to ..

1,64 $

Family and House Partner Speaking Activity

Each partner has a picture of a house and 5 family members. Students are to draw a line from the per..

2,46 $

Chores in English Bingo

35 cartes. Travaux domestiques / corvées / tâches ménagères. ..

6,57 $

Professions in English Concentration games

Set of 45 professions; print on cardstock and cut into cards. Make 1 set per 3-4 students. Includes ..

6,57 $

Clothing (Vêtements) Sudoku

Sudoku uses the names of 9 common clothing items.  5 versions. ..

4,11 $

Family and Birthdays Fine Line Bingo game

There are 2 4x4 bingo cards. Students work with a partner. Card 1 has question set A & answer se..

3,29 $

Transportation in English Sudoku

Sudoku uses 9 means of transportation.  5 versions. ..

4,11 $

Personal Information Interview Speaking Activity

There are 36 different student cards; each card gives a first name, a nationality, age, birthday, nu..

4,93 $

Chores in English Interview

Students interview their partner, asking if he/she does the listed chores. Uses vocabulary for 20 di..

1,64 $

Les pays francophones - vidéos pour

Les pays francophones - des liens pour 75 vidéos pour montrer la culture francophone.  Voyagez ..

7,50 $

Reading Comprehension - The Great Gatsby

***answer key included A reading comprehension for the Penguin Readers book The Great Gatsby by F..

3,00 $

Listening Comprehension - A Christmas Carol (2009)

A listening comprehension for the 2009 animated movie A Christmas Carol.  This evaluation co..

6,00 $

Reading Comprehension - Nicholas Nickleby

***answer key included A reading comprehension for the Penguin Readers book Nicholas Nickleby by ..

3,00 $