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Skiing in English Dominoes

Domino games uses 12 pictures and vocabulary words in English. Print on cardstock and cut into tiles..

4,93 $

Numbers 0 - 100 Word search

Word search has the numbers 0 - 100.  There is no word list on the student sheets in order to m..

4,93 $

Days of the Week (Jours de la semaine) Sudoku

Sudoku game uses the 7 days, day and week. 5 versions included.  ..

4,11 $

Skiing in English Sudoku

Sudoku uses 9 terms for skiing in English.  5 versions. ..

4,11 $

Calendar in English

25 pages to make a calendar on your bulletin board.  Includes months, days, numbers 1 - 31, sea..

6,57 $

Professions in English I have Who has

Activité de conversation en classe entière. Chaque carte a une déclaration avec..

4,11 $

UFO paired speaking activity - ESL

Unidentified foreign object paired speaking activity for language classrooms - ESL 10 worksheets ..

4,93 $

Numbers 100 and over I have Who has

Whole class speaking activity. Each card has a statement with I have and a question with Who has. St..

3,29 $

Clothing in English (Vêtements) Posters

38 pages with picture and name of clothing in English. ..

6,57 $

Profession in English Bingo

Ensemble de 36 cartes de Bingo avec des images de 30 professions. La deuxième version avec..

6,57 $

Set the table (Mettre la table) Sudoku

Sudoku game uses the names of 9 items used when setting the table: cup, saucer, glass, knife, fork, ..

4,11 $

Professions in English Sudoku

Write the name of the profession on the line next to each picture below.  Then place the name o..

4,11 $