Google Forms™ Video Quiz - Giant Panda

Google Forms™ Video Quiz - Giant Panda

DISTANCE LEARNING – Elusive Giant Panda - Listening Comprehension YouTube Video Quiz Google Form (Editable)


★ This paperless self-checking video quiz is an excellent listening comprehension activity to use with your Google Classroom™, SeeSaw Class or to send by email to your students or parents. Excellent for Intensive English students! The quiz is self-checking, which means that it will be automatically graded after students hit submit! As a teacher, you can see your students’ results online (open the quiz and choose “Responses” tab). Your students will enjoy the experience of a digital classroom and you will save time. You can also make changes (add, change or delete questions) as you please.


★ Click on the “Preview” button (the “Eye” icon) at the top of the form to open a new browser tab with a final view of your form. Now, you can see the quiz as your students see it, watch the video, and answer the questions. Close out of that tab to return to the “Edit Form” view to make changes.


★ Your students will need to access YouTube to watch the video clip before they answer the questions.


★ You must have a Google account. A copy of the quiz will be saved to your Google Drive. So, make sure you are signed into your Google account.


★ If you want to send the quiz to parents or students by email:

1. Open the quiz in your Google Drive.

2. Click “Send”.

3. When the “Send form” opens, choose the option Send via “link”.

4. Click “Shorten URL” and copy the link.

5. Send the link by email.


★ If you want to assign the quiz to your Google Classroom:

1. Create an assignment.

2. Click “Add” and choose “Google Drive” option.

3. Search for the quiz in your Google Drive.

4. Click to assign the quiz to all students.


★ If you want to assign the quiz to your SeeSaw Class:

1. Open the quiz in your Google Drive.

2. Click “Send”.

3. When the “Send form” opens, choose the option Send via “link”.

4. Click “Shorten URL” and copy the link.

5. Log into your SeeSaw account.

6. Create “New Activity”. Click “Add Multimedia Instructions”, choose “Link” option and paste the link.

7. Validate the link. You have the option of adding “Audio” or “Caption” directions for your students.

8. Assign the activity to the class or a group of students.


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