ESL Assessment Tools Value Pack

ESL Assessment Tools Value Pack

ESL assessment and feedback tools for secondary teachers. This bundle includes: ESL assessment grids and scoring rubrics (speaking, reading, writing, error correction code to offer feedback, self-assessment forms for both classroom use and remote teaching.

⭐What is included in this bundle?

1. ESL Assessment Grids and Scoring Rubrics (Speaking, Reading, Writing) - Also sold individually in my store.

Detailed evaluation/grading grids to grade/assess oral interaction (speaking), reinvestment of understanding (reading) and writing skills/competencies. This set of evaluation grids includes: oral interaction rubric, brochure assessment grid, feature article evaluation rubric, general project rubric, writing skills evaluation grid, reinvestment of understanding of texts assessment grid (reading), response process evaluation grid (reading), response paragraph rubric, and various observation tools to monitor students' progress.

2. ESL Competency Development Tracking Sheet/Student Performance Tracking Forms - Also sold individually in my store.

These ESL competency development tracking sheet are practical observation and assessment tools you can use to track students’ progress and evaluate their performance.

⭐Ways of assessing learners' speaking, reading and writing skills using this resource:

A) Observation/tracking or conferencing tool

Use this form on a daily basis to track students’ improvement over time. At the end of the month, offer feedback on students’ performance during one-one one conferences.

B) Assessment tool to evaluate students’ performance at the end of the term or year:

Use this resource to establish students’ degree of development of the ESL competences/acquisition of skills based on the various activities students have completed during the term or year.

⭐What is included in the downloaded file?

  • C1 – Oral interaction Competency Development Report sheet to assess students’ performance during oral interaction/conversation activities carried out in class.
    • Final results scoring rubric: You can edit the scores if you have a different grading system than the one I have included.
  • C2 – Reinvests Understanding of Texts (Reading skills) Competency Development Report sheet sheet to assess students’ performance while carrying out tasks related to reading and listening activities.
    • Final results scoring rubric: You can edit the scores if you have a different grading system than the one I have included.
  • C3 – Writes and Produces Texts Competency Development Report sheet to assess students’ performance while carrying out various writing activities.
    • Final results scoring rubric: You can edit the scores if you have a different grading system than the one I have included.

To determine students’ results, look at the observation sheet to see how often they demonstrated their ability to use a particular skill or how often they performed according to expectations on a specific task.

3. Student Performance Reflection Sheets/Self-assessment Forms for Google Docs™ - Also sold individually in my store.

Student performance reflection (self-assessment) sheets for secondary ESL/EFL/ELA learners to monitor and reflect on their performance during class, small group or debate/conversation activities. Use these forms on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, or at the end of each term/semester. This resource is also compatible with Google Forms™.

⭐These self-assessment sheets are ideal for:

  • Oral interaction evaluations
  • Small group discussions/oral interaction
  • Small group activities
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly self-assessment
  • End of term self-assessment sheet
  • This resource pack may also be a practical tool during parent-teacher conferences or one-on-one meetings with your learners.

4. Color-coded Error Correction Code/Revising and Editing Guide/Feedback Cards - Also sold individually in my store.

Color-coded error correction code handout, revising and editing guide for students (handout/poster) and feedback cards to improve students' revising, editing and writing skills. The feedback cards can also be used as self or peer-assessment tools.

⭐What is included?

  • Revising and editing guide - student handout or classroom poster
  • Error correction code - 3 per page
  • Feedback cards (Offer feedback on content, accuracy and clarity)
  • "This text needs improvement" - Use this feedback card for longer texts.
  • The downloaded file contains practical tips on how you may use this color-coded error correction code and student handout.

5. Mastering Writing Skills Packet (Feature Article, Argumentative&Personal Essays) - Also sold individually in my store.

Discussion text (argumentative/for & against essay), feature article, opinion text and personal essay study guides/handouts for both teachers and learners. These classroom-tested study guides zoom in on the characteristics and elements/structure of these text types. Detailed assessment grids included.


  • Discussion text (for and against/argumentative essay) study guide and assessment grid
  • Feature article study guide and assessment grid
  • Opinion text (Persuasive writing) study guide and assessment grid
  • Personal essay study guide and assessment grid

⭐The downloaded file includes:

  • Study guides/handouts
  • Teacher directions
  • Assessment grids
  • Each document is a PDF file containing two pages: one side focuses on the characteristics of the text type; the other side showcases the assessment grid.

⭐The included resources in this packet are perfect as:

  • study guides/handouts when teaching or reviewing the characteristics of a discussion text, feature article, opinion text, and personal essay.
  • checklists for students
  • assessment tools to evaluate students' writing (self/peer or teacher assessment)


Resources may be in a zip, PPT or PDF file. Please make sure you can open these files. Pages are US Letter size format (8.5 x 11).

❤️SATISFACTION: Before downloading a product, read the product description and check out the preview document to determine if the resource is appropriate for your students. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

⭐FEEDBACK: I value your feedback as it helps me improve and create better resources. 

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