Opinion Piece Guided Writing/Differentiated

Opinion Piece Guided Writing/Differentiated

Teach persuasive writing with this comprehensive and step-by-step differentiated resource: mentor text and differentiated activities included. Ideal for ESL and ELA learners. This resource conforms to the Progression of Learning in Quebec (Canada) and it is a practical tool to prepare students for their Ministerial Examinations. It can be used in middle school or high school. The document might be used in a full semester or all year round as well. It depends how often you assign writing activities to your students. You can choose the pace and the amount of workload for your students.

LAST UPDATE: February 2019

This resource features:

  • Two persuasive essays/opinion text essays (text models/mentor texts)

  • A deconstructed step-by-step-guide to how to write an introduction and formulate a clear position on an issue, how to write supporting paragraphs and a conclusion to persuade (purpose).

  • After teaching each component of a persuasive/opinion text, there is an activity that allows students to practice what students have learned.

  • Once, all elements have been covered, there is a list of possible questions/issues students may take a position on, then, they write their own persuasive essay/opinion text using the writing process: planning, drafting, correcting & revising and writing the final version of their essay.

  • The planning guide (How to Use This Resource?) also features an extra activity to prepare students for learning and some guidelines to using this activity pack.

  • Extra practice for planning phase
  • Extra sheets for writing - writing template (editable instructions)

This resource is:

  • Ideal for teaching the structure of the opinion text

  • Ideal for struggling learners

  • Differentiation tool (mentor texts, explicit teaching, guided activities)

  • A practical tool to prepare Grade 11 (Secondary 5) ESL students for the Ministerial Examination (Québec, CA).

What's included?

  • The Opinion Text Guided writing resource (Student version)

  • Teacher's Copy with planning/teaching guide (How to use this resource?) and answer key.


This Opinion Text workbook is the latest version of the document I’ve been using for years in mixed ability classrooms. I wanted to find a method that helps learners develop their ability of writing a well-structured and coherent opinion text. I consider that explicit modeling, guided writing practice, and frequent corrective feedback are the strategies that have helped my students become more proficient in writing. Therefore, this revamped version is the result of years of testing and improving this resource in an effort to create a comprehensive tool that significantly improves all my students' writing skills. 

Feedback: Two years ago, two of my new ESL colleagues joined me and used this document in their ESL classes. Their feedback were really positive and they definitely wished to work with this teaching material in other schools in the future.

Last year, my two former colleagues continued using this opinion text writing guide to prepare their senior high school learners for their Ministerial Examination.

I myself successfully used this workbook in my Grade 10 groups and, this year, my students have enjoyed working with this updated version for the first time.


This resource is ideal for grade 8-11 students, however, it can be used below or above these grade levels. Check out the preview to be sure that this product is appropriate for your students.



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