French speaking prompt cards - Le cinéma

French speaking prompt cards - Le cinéma

❖ 30 French speaking prompt question cards - Le cinéma - The movies ❖

Want your French students to use their movie vocabulary in meaningful context? Use the cards to teach them the vocabulary if you want. This low prep activity is a fun way to encourage your students to speak more and engage in conversation. It is a perfect resource to use in immersion, core or homeschool curriculums. Parfait pour vos cours de français langue étrangère.

You can use these cards after teaching specific vocabulary and grammar for movies or as a fun interactive activity on a day when you want to just focus on speaking and reviewing vocabulary in a different way. Read on to find out the many ways I like to use these cards including the popular SCOOT game. Instructions and recording sheet are included. 

All cards are visually stimulating and feature a circle to punch out in the upper left corner so that you can print, laminate, cut out, punch holes and hook the cards together with a ring. Using these cards this way makes it easy to pull them out year after year to use as NO PREP speaking activities. 


➱ 30 speaking prompt cards - color (4 per page to print and cut out)
➱ 30 speaking prompt cards - grayscale
➱ PDF version to project and avoid printing (1 card per page to project)
➱ 9 different ways to use these cards
➱ Scoot game instructions
➱ Scoot recording sheet

There are many ways you can use this set of task cards:

✫ Print, laminate, cut out, punch holes and attach on a ring for small groups to ask and answer questions.

✫ Project the pdf file in class to work in group or with your whole class and avoid printing. 

✫ Use as a warm-up speaking activity with a conversation partner. As students enter the classroom have them choose 2-3 cards from a box. 

✫ Students who finish their work earlier than others can choose a few of the cards and write out correct answers to false statements.

✫ Use as exit tickets. Give each student a card before the end of class and as they walk out of the room they tell the teacher their answer. 

✫ Stations: Put students into groups and divide the cards amongst them. Have groups rotate to a new station as they finish the cards. 

✫ Scoot: Put one card on each desk in the classroom. Give each student a response sheet and set a timer to give them just enough time to answer true or false and to correct the false statements. When the timer rings students move on to the next desk and the next question. All cards are numbered so it is simple to stay organized. Full instructions are included.

✫ Use the cards with board games. Students must answer a question in order to move.

✫ Use the cards as an icebreaker activity at the beginning of the school year or right after school holidays.

✫ Great resource for tutoring sessions and vocabulary building.

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