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Family (Famille) Sudoku

Sudoku uses 9 family members.  5 versions. ..

4,11 $

Chores Find it Worksheet

Il y a 36 images de travaux domestiques.  On doit identifier où on peut trouver les 16 c..

1,64 $

Professions in English Snail game

Les élèves doivent identifier l'image (former des phrases pour le rendre plus diff..

4,93 $

Chores in English PowerPoint

100 slides to teach and practice the vocabulary for 33 chores in English. Many labeling activities. ..

8,21 $

Chores Sudoku

Sudoku game uses the names of 9 common chores in English.  5 versions included. ..

4,11 $

Numbers Help-sheet

My students find this handout very helpful when it is time to practice numbers. The way numbers are ..



Conjunctions resource is for Grade 3 and Grade 4. These educational worksheets are a great supplemen..

3,75 $

Practicing Pronouns

Practicing Pronouns resource is for Grade 3 and Grade 4. These educational worksheets are a great su..

3,75 $

Professions in English Posters

58 pages avec une image et la profession en anglais. ..

8,21 $

Professions in English Word wall

Mur de mots a une image et un mot en anglais pour 80 professions. ..

6,57 $

Chores (Travaux domestiques en anglais) Snail game

This game uses pictures for 16 chores. Students must identify the picture (use in sentences to make ..

4,93 $

Easter Riddle the Room Activity

Looking for a great Easter activity to get your students to use their brains and move around the cla..

3,75 $

Animals in English Posters

70 affiches avec une image et l'anglais pour l'animal. ..

8,21 $

Ordinal Numbers Sudoku

Sudoku uses the ordinal numbers first to ninth in English.  5 versions. ..

4,11 $