Language of the game : ENGLISH

2 to 4-6 players.

Contains 60 cards divided in 10 families (back-to-school day, places, people, moments, rules, in the satchel, in the classroom, in the school yard, school subjects, school celebrations)

- Back to school day : first day of school, school sign, school bus, children, principal, teacher.

- School : school, classroom, school yard, library, gym, principal's office.

- People : the top of the class, the real terror, friends, pupils, the dunce, supervisor.


- Time for… : Picture day, school cafeteria, playtime, lesson, homework, school trip.

 - Rules : listen, look, write, count, read, play.

- In the school bag : book, copybook, pencil case, homework book,sport equipment, satchel.

- In the classroom : blackboard, timetable, desk, filling cabinets, computer, report card.

- In the school yard : sandpit, jungle gym, slide, swing, marbles, jumping rope.

- School subjects : maths, English, foreign languages, art, sport, sciences.

- Celebrations : birthday party, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, 100th day of school, school fair.

The idea of the game is to collect whole families.

The dealer deals 6 cards to each player. The remaining cards are placed face down to form a stock. The player to dealer's left starts. A turn consists of asking a specific player for a specific card from a family. For example, if it is my turn I might say: 'John, have you got "mathematics" from the school subjects family please? The player who asks must already hold at least one card of the requested family, so I must hold at least one card from the School subjects family to say this. If the player who was asked (Mary) has the right card in her deck ("maths" from the School subjects family in this case), she must give it to the player who asked for it. That player then gets another turn and may again ask any player for any card already held by the asker. If the person asked does not have the right card, she says “pick a card!” or "Go fish!". The asker must then draw the top card of the stock. If the drawn card is the one asked for, the asker shows it and says “lucky dip” and gets another turn. If the drawn card is not the one asked for, the asker keeps it, but the turn now passes to the next player. As soon as a player collects a book of 6 cards of the same family, he must say “happy family”. The cards must be shown and then placed face down. The game continues until either someone has no cards left in hands or the stock runs out. The winner is the player who then has the most families.


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