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Je suis enseignante spécialiste en arts plastiques et anglais langue seconde. J'enseigne au primaire dans la région des Laurentides depuis 2013 et je me suis découvert une passion pour créer mon propre matériel éducatif.


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grammar task cards

In these task cards, the students have to read the instruction on each card, then read the sentence and circle what is asked in the instruction with a dry erase marker. The sentences are on the theme of the forest. Included: 24 task cards 1 Answer sheet   Cut and laminate everyth..

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Halloween - sentence task cards

In these task cards, the students are asked to read the sentence, circle the error(s) and make the correction on the card or write the sentence with the corrections on the provided sheet. Included: 1 instruction sheet 24 task cards 2 sheets to write the answers 2 Answer sheets &nbs..

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Opposites - memory/association game

Opposites vocabulary words memory/association game. Can be played alone or in team. Can be played  two ways : as a memory game with all the cards face down and try to match the picture to the word, or as an association game with the cards face up and try to match all the pictures t..

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Sentence task cards

These task cards can be used 2 ways.  1- In the blank space under the picture, students write a short sentence to describe it with a dry eraser marker. 2- In the blank space under the picture, students have to place the little squares in the right order to create a sentence Includ..

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Color - Task cards

Here are 16 task cards to practice colors The student reads the sentence and circle with a dry erase marker the correct answer at the bottom. You can also use a clothespins instead of markers. Included: 16 task cards 1 answer sheet   Cut each cards and laminate everything..

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