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I am a Pre-K, Kindergarten and Elementary French school teacher in a French community. I am also an ESL teacher for elementary and high school students as well as adults in government facilities. I also tutor students at the elementary level as well as in high school in different disciplines. I have worked two years as an educator in a trilingual daycare centre.

As a tutor, I adapt my teaching to the student's learning style and needs. As a teacher, I try to have as many different types of activities as possible so all students, who have different learning styles, can learn and understand what is taught. I like using manipulation A LOT in my teaching and like incorporating different disciplines in one another. I also like having a large base of knowledge, covering various subjects. I like to share that knowledge, that passion with my students to creates a fun learning environment that gets students curious and engaged.

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Cahier pour le suppléant

Ce cahier du suppléant contient: Ma classe: mots de passe, liste de mes élèves, transport, allergies et/ou problème de santé, anniversaires, coorodnnées des élèves, procédures, es coins de ma classe, aménageme..

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Planificateur de l'enseignant remplaçant 2017-2018

Ce planificateur français contient:  Mes coordonnées, mots de passe, calendriers scolaires 3x, information pour 4 contrats, coordonnes importantes, coordonnées des différentes écoles des 3 commisisons scolaires, Horaires des cours des 4 contr..

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Planificateur de l'enseignant 2017-2018

Ce planificateur contient: Mes coordonnées, mots de passe, calendrier scolaire, horaire, matériel à se procurer, dates importantes, rencontre de parents 3x, sorties scolaires, coorodnnées importantes, les absences, budget, anniversaires, alle..

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Planificateur du remplaçant 2017-2018

Ce planificateur contient:  - Mes coordonnées, mots de passe, calendrier scolaire de 3 commissions scolaires, Coorodnnées importantes, coordonnées des écoles des 3 commissions scolaires - Planification: l'année complète d'un seul regard, 12 mo..

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Holiday Movie Bundle #1

In this bundle, you have various activities and movie questions for the following movies: - A Charlie Brown Christmas - Dragons Gift of the Night Fury - Frosty the snowman - Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Kung Fu Panda Holiday - Merry Madagascar - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Rein..

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