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You can find information on how I teach my class and some freebies that aren't available on mieux enseigner


I have taught a variety of primary grades in my first few years of teaching. I used to think I was more comfortable with students that are a bit older, but I have learned to love primary and I would never go back! I love making cute anchor charts and fun activities that the students really engage with. There aren't very many resources in French, so I'm hoping to add a bit more to the pot!


I prefer to teach more inquiry-based because I find it gives the students the opportunity to spark their own interest and search into what interests them. The students love to learn things and try things for themselves. You learn that some things work and some don't, but the kids normally enjoy themselves a lot during the learning process. A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning - Brad Henry


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My first language is French, but I moved to Ontario when I was 7. Since then, I attended both French Immersion schools and English schools, but I followed French all the way to grade 12. I did my undergraduate degree in Second Language Teaching at the University of Ottawa and then went on to get my P/J qualification in Teacher's College. I have taken SpecEd Part 1 and FLS Part 1 as well.

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Alphabet Stamping Pages Freebie

This freebie includes a beginning of the year activity ideal for kindergarten or Grade 1. This activity allows you to see which have the 1-1 correspondence skills to match letters as well as gives you the chance to see if they can match upper case and lower case letters.


BILINGUAL Alphabet Big Letter Tracing

These are great to work on learning to write the letters of the alphabet. Both upper case and lower case letters are included in this. It is ideal for your students who are still struggling with their fine motor because they are larger. You can also print these 2 on 1 page to make them slightly smal..

3,75 $

Kindergarten Checklists

This Belonging and Contributing checklist is a quick way for you to track where your students are as well as what growth they've made through the 3 terms. It includes the same look fors for all 3 terms, so you can easily use these as a quick assessment tool to see you can quickly see which skill..

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French and English Reading Tracking/Behaviour

I have created a resource with various different reading tracking sheets to use throughout the year with your class. These are great to use both in a French class and an English class, since the behaviours are the same for each. This resource also includes a bonus writing behaviours checklist! ..

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J'apprends à lire: Bundle -17%

J'apprends à lire: Bundle

Phonological/Phonemic Awareness provides a strong foundation for early reading success. This resource is aimed to help students learn to read in French by teaching them one skill at a time to help build their phonemic awareness. Students with a strong phonemic awareness are much more likely to be su..

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