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{Roule et Colorie} 20 jeux de vocabulaire ENSEMBLE

This Bundle contains 20 different game boards for playing Roule et Colorie: a fun dice game that helps students to learn French vocabulary. It is ideal for students in Kindergarten to Grade 1 French immersion, or Primary Core French. If you are looking for a longer-lasting version of this game, Doub..

15,00 $

{La Zone Zen} Affiches pour l'autorégulation

This set includes 12 ready-to-print posters to help you create a calming corner in your classroom. I have also included an editable file so that you can create alternate or additional “I can” statements for your students.  PLEASE READ: You will need Powerpoint to edit this file. ..

2,99 $

{Décorations arc-en-ciel pour la salle de classe}

This Bundle contains rainbow watercolour decorations and referencials for French Immersion classrooms. It includes:  - 26 Manuscript Alphabet posters (full-page) - 26 Manuscript Alphabet posters (half-page) - 26 Cursive Alphabet posters (full-page) - 26 Cursive Alphabet posters (half-page..

10,00 $

{BINGO Thématiques pour tout l'année} ENSEMBLE

This bundle includes all of my themed BINGO games, where students will make their own personal BINGO cards using themed vocabulary. *Any new themes I make will automatically be added to this bundle so you will receive them for free with this purchase!* Bingo is a fun way to review vocabulary, but..

19,00 $

{Chapeaux des letters} Apprendre les sons

{Chapeaux des Lettres} is an engaging way to reinforce French letter sounds in your kindergarten or grade 1 French immersion classroom. This set includes templates to make personalized hats to practice French letter sounds! Students will decorate, colour, and glue the attached circles onto a strip o..

5,99 $