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Chores in English Speaking and Writing Activity

Activity has 10 picture prompts about chores, prompts for the subject, whether it is liked or disliked, and conjunctions. 5 numbers have picture prompts for the chore, a subject, and a calendar showing frequency. First have students work with partners orally and make sentences (with worksheet or wit..

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Chores in English Sign Please

Students interview classmates until they find someone who answers affirmatively to each of the questions. A classmate may be used for only 1 question. The student then signs the appropriate square on the paper.

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Chores in English Inspector Speaking Activity

Mixer activity with 36 unique student sheets. Each sheet has 4 questions (info to be found) and 4 answers (info to be shared). Uses vocabulary for 12 different chores and expressions of frequency. Example: He takes the garbage out Thursday evenings.

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Chores in English Info Gap

This is a partner speaking activity. Partners are given a chart with the names of 6 people and 3 times of day (morning, afternoon, evening). Each partner has half of the information filled in (chores each person does). Partners are to communicate in English until both charts are completed.

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Chores in English Grid Vocabulary Activity

Partner activity to use the 10 vocabulary words pictured. Student A designates a box by calling its coordinates (to do the dishes and to cook). Student A then guesses which of the 10 words are in that box. Student B responds either You're right or You're wrong. Students alternate turns until..

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