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SCHOOL SUPPLIES – 2 speaking activities

Great for back to school ! Use the slideshow to revise / learn the vocabulary and the pronunciati..

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Back to school BUNDLE - ESL pre-intermediate

4 ready-to-use activities for the first 3 hours. ESL – pre-intermediate (2nd and/or 3rd yea..

9,86 $

Back to school BUNDLE - ESL Intermediate

4 ready-to-use activities for the first hours. ESL – Intermediate (3rd and/or 4th year depend..

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Dragons Gift of the Night Fury Movie Activities

This document includes: - 4 general information about the movie - 1 Character activity - 1 Movie ..

2,00 $

Friends Season 1 Tv Show Guide

All season 1's 24 episodes have ±9 comprehension questions. This document also includes a..

11,50 $

Dr.Seuss' The Grinch Christmas Activities

This document includes: - 9 comprehension questions  - 5 events to put in order they happen i..

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Rules for conversation

Various backgrounds 1 ink-friendly version Level :  Young learners ESL students Happy ..


TV Show Guide for ANY Episode

LISTENING SKILLS: Have your students watch TV shows from a different angle! This document has b..

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Listening Activity That '70s Show TV Show Guide

These 5 TV Show worksheets with answer key are ideal for listening activities. Teaching English with..

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The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Tv Show Guide

All season 1's 17 episodes have ±9 comprehension questions. ..

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