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Graphic Organizers for Choice Novels

Graphic organizers for choice novels. This resource is ideal for independent reading; however, it ma..

5,00 $

Direct and Indirect Speech Handout

Use this Direct and Indirect Speech handout/study guide to supplement your lesson when tea..

2,25 $

Argumentative Essay Mini Lesson

Use this argumentative essay mini lesson when teaching or reviewing the characteristics of..

3,00 $

Discussion Text Mini Lesson

Use this discussion text (for and against essay) mini lesson when teaching the characteris..

3,00 $

Personal Essay Mini Lesson

Use this personal essay mini lesson when teaching the characteristics of a personal essay...

3,00 $

Indefinite Pronouns Mini Lesson

Use this indefinite pronouns mini lesson when teaching or reviewing the use of indefinite ..

3,00 $

Subject-Verb Agreement Mini Lesson

Use this subject-verb agreement (subject-verb concord) mini lesson when giving a grammar workshop on..

3,00 $

Feature Article Mini Lesson

Use this feature article mini lesson when teaching the characteristics of a feature article. This vi..

3,00 $

Feature Article Writing Packet

Feature article writing packet bundle: mini lesson, study guide (handout), graphic organizers (writi..

6,93 $

Feature Article Study Guide & Rubric

Feature article study guide/handout for both teachers and learners. This classroom-tested study guid..

2,00 $

Feature Article Graphic Organizers

Feature article writing booklet/graphic organizers for grade 9-11 ESL/EFL/ELA learners. This re..

2,70 $

Essay Writing Study Guides and Assessment Rubrics

Argumentative essay, discussion text, feature article, opinion text, and personal essay study guides..

8,00 $

Floral-themed Schedule and Routine Labels

Floral/lavender-themed schedule and routine labels for your secondary ESL/ELA class. If you are look..

3,00 $

Award Certificates for Secondary Learners

Award certificates for the end of the term/semester or the school year to reward your students for t..

2,00 $

Student Choice Project Workbook for Teens

If you wish to incorporate more student choice projects in your classroom, this document will help l..

3,60 $