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Animales en español Sopa de letras

Mots cachés avec 42 animaux.  5 versions avec liste; 5 sans liste. ..

5,15 $

Animali in italiano Parole intrecciate

Mots cachés avec 42 animaux.  5 versions avec une liste de mots; 5 sans. ..

5,15 $

Animals in English Wordsearch

Word search has 63 animals in English hidden. 5 versions with a word list; 5 without. ..

5,15 $

Animals in English Word Wall

Word wall includes picture and name in English of 80 animals. ..

6,85 $

Animals in English Who am I

Reading game in power point format. Clues are revealed one at a time while students try to identify ..

6,85 $

Animals in English Sudoku

Sudoku game uses the names of 9 animals in English. 5 versions included. ..

5,15 $

Animals in English Snail Game

This game uses pictures for 16 animals: duck, donkey, monkey, goat, bird, rabbit, sheep, dog, mouse,..

5,15 $

Animals in English I have Who has

Whole class speaking activity. Each card has a statement with Ihave and a question with Who has. Stu..

5,15 $

Animals in English Detectives Speaking Activity

This is an all-class activity. 5 students go to the front of class. There are 5 different pages hang..

5,15 $

Animals in English Dominoes

Set of 144 dominoes; print on cardstock and cut into tiles. Make 1 set for every 3-4 students. Each ..

5,15 $

Animals in English Card Games

Print on cardstock and cut into cards. Make 1 set for every 3-4 students. Can be used to play Concen..

6,85 $

Animals in English Bingo

Print on cardstock and laminate. Includes 35 Bingo cards with 42 different animals. Cat, dog, bird, ..

6,85 $

Animals in English Battleship

This is a partner activity. Students take turns guessing squares in order to find the opponent's..

2,57 $

Animals in English 4 by 4

Print on cardstock and cut into cards; make 1 set per 3-4 students. This is a set of 16 cards which ..

3,43 $