{BINGO Thématiques pour tout l'année} ENSEMBLE

{BINGO Thématiques pour tout l'année} ENSEMBLE

This bundle includes all of my themed BINGO games, where students will make their own personal BINGO cards using themed vocabulary. *Any new themes I make will automatically be added to this bundle so you will receive them for free with this purchase!*

Bingo is a fun way to review vocabulary, but by having students make their own card, it becomes more meaningful to them and also adds a third instance of vocabulary review: 1) reading the words to make their Bingo card, 2) colouring the images, and then 3) reading the words again as they play Bingo!

Each student page consists of a playing card (the left side of the page), and 20 vocabulary cards (the right side of the page). I have combined this all onto one sheet to reduce paper/photocopying!

If desired, teachers may print one extra copy for themselves cut up and use as calling cards.

Instructions for use:

• Cut one copy of the BINGO card into squares to use as calling cards during the Bingo game (optional)

• Provide each student with one copy of BINGO sheet

• Students will cut up their vocabulary page, and then select vocabulary words to glue onto their Bingo card in random order.

• TWO WAYS TO PLAY: Students can colour their Bingo cards before playing, and then draw X’s as they play BINGO (or use cubes, pennies, or plastic chips if you wish to reuse the cards)


Students can begin the game with black-and-white cards, and colour only the words that are called out, as they are announced.


Amusez-vous! :)

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