{Chapeaux des letters} Apprendre les sons

{Chapeaux des letters} Apprendre les sons

{Chapeaux des Lettres} is an engaging way to reinforce French letter sounds in your kindergarten or grade 1 French immersion classroom. This set includes templates to make personalized hats to practice French letter sounds! Students will decorate, colour, and glue the attached circles onto a strip of cardstock, which you can then staple to make a hat. I have included two versions for each letter sound; one with provided vocabulary words, and one with blank circles so that your students can choose their own words. It includes separate pages for e/é/ê/è, c doux/c dur, g doux/g dur. You will also find a page of blank circles, in case you would like to use a combination of both (provided vocabulary and a few brainstormed words). 


Instructions for use:

•Print the letter template page

•Students can decorate the letter, and if desired, complete additional blank circles with vocabulary words they select/that are meaningful to them

•Students will cut out the circles on their page, and glue onto a large strip of cardstock. 


Some tips: 

•”Sentence strips” are the perfect size/length to make easy headbands! The letters will be taller than the sentence strip, similar to a crown.

•If you are using cardstock and find that it is not long enough to go around a kiddo’s head, staple a rubber band to each end of the back! Voilà– adjustable hat!

•As an extension, you can ask your fast finishers to use a highlighter and highlight the letter sound in each word, or use the template at the back to think of additional words! 


I hope your students have fun creating these hats! Amusez-vous!

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