Bye Bye Germs!

Bye Bye Germs!

Hello to you!

Here is a sheet that will help you to:


  • Print in colour and display in a visible location in your classroom or house as a great reminder.
  • Print and have the children colour (in a format that they can keep in their binder or their room) to involve them and to teach them what we already know, as we all know that everything is learned through education. 

In a school environment, students are directly exposed to different viruses. Even after displaying and colouring this page, it is important to teach and have students repeat good habits like washing our hands.

To make sure the students have understood, you could have the students take the questionnaire that comes with this sheet, and repeat this activity many times throughout the year.

Same thing goes at home! The questionnaire helps teach good hygiene.

We all have our role to play!

Feel free to share this with everyone! This message can’t be learned fast enough!



To continue their learning, or just for pleasure, many art activities are available on: Créations Claudia Loubier.

Here are some easy projects to do at home:


The questionnaire was created by ‘English Spanish Cliche, who offers many learning activities for Spanish and soon to be English.









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