Bundle: 3 sets of I Have, Who Has ? Game

-33% Bundle: 3 sets of I Have, Who Has ? Game

I Have, Who Has game is a fun way to practice English vocabulary and math. These cards are great for speaking, listening skills, vocabulary and math review, and just for fun! 

You'll receive a PDF containing:


-48 cards (enough to play with a large class)

-answer key

All you need to do is print, cut, and you're ready to play. 

Distribute the cards randomly to your students. Some students may get more than one card. Select a student to begin by reading the card aloud. The student, who has the card with the correct answer to the previous student’s question, reads the card. The game continues until all cards are read. To make this a real challenge, time the students and have them try to break their own record!


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I have Who has - addition.pdf   (2.44 Mo)

I have Who has - numbers.pdf   (2.26 Mo)

I have Who has - subtraction.pdf   (3.14 Mo)

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