20 Questions Game - French Valentine's Day

20 Questions Game - French Valentine's Day

20 Questions Game - French Valentine's Day - La Saint Valentin

Use this game to have students practice forming questions and speaking French using vocabulary for Valentine's Day.

French and English version
French only version

Have students work in small groups of 2-4 or project the game and do a whole class activity.

This game includes 40 words. Many of the words will be new to your students as this game is meant not only to practice forming questions, but also to build vocabulary. I like to allow my students to look at the game chart while they play until they’re somewhat familiar with the words. 

One student in the small group or class chooses a word on the chart. Other students ask up to 20 questions trying to guess the secret word. 


… tu es une personne?
… tu es un animal?
… tu es un minéral?
… tu es un endroit?
… tu es un aliment?
… tu es une plante?
… tu es un objet?

The student who has chosen the secret word can answer using the following responses: OUI - NON - PARFOIS - RAREMENT - GÉNÉRALEMENT - PEUT-ÊTRE - CELA DÉPEND - PROBABLEMENT

Alternative game play:

To change up the game and to make it more challenging as well as practicing other skills, have the student who chooses the secret word describe it to others in the group. Instead of asking questions about the secret word, other students listen to the description and guess it.

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