Tell Me! Structured Writing Program

Tell Me! Structured Writing Program

The goal of Tell me! is to provide early elementary students with foundational writing skills. The Tell me! program provides a structured, engaging and age-appropriate approach for teaching writing to early elementary students. Tell me! employs powerful meta-cognitive strategies to support the writing process. The picture prompts and student workbook serve as a launch pad to engage students. Extensive scaffolds provide safety nets and supports for even the most apprehensive writer. 

Tell me! is constructed to support multi-tiered instruction. It enables classroom teachers to easily differentiate instruction, comfortably addressing the needs of the entire class, small groups, and individual students. Professionals providing Tier 3 instruction can utilize Tell me! to support students significantly impacted by learning disorders in writing. 

Tell me! is structured to align with writing activities across the curriculum. Teachers may use Tell me! for writing associated with science, social studies, health and other subjects in the program of study. 

This product contains 

- 1 teacher's manual 

- 5 coloring page picture prompts for students 

- 5 posters of the same pictures 

- 1 student's workbook to help with planning 

- 1 graphic organizer with pictograms 

- 144 illustrated word wall cards 

Tell Me! is also available in French as Raconte-moi!  You can find the Raconte-moi! preview package in our boutique as well. 

If you would like further information about Tell Me! or  Raconte-moi! please contact Follow us on Facebook at and on Instagram at

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Nombre de pages (diapositives) :   103

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TM1WS-when.pdf   (20.71 Ko)

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