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Certificats d'excellence (Français - FRENCH)

⭐⭐⭐ Voici un ensemble de 52 certificats que vous pourrez utiliser tout au long de l'année scolaire selon vos besoins. Ces certificats conviennent autant pour les garçons que pour les filles du préscolaire jusqu'au 3e cycle du primaire. Les certificats sont en noir et bla..

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Weather - Seasons - Time Card Game

Are you looking for a fun and interactive game to practice vocabulary about seasons - weather - months - days of the week and ordinal numbers?   Here's a card game (33 cards) designed for cycle three students. The game rules are the same as ''I have...Who has?'' &n..

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Grammar Flip Book (Editable)

★★★ Grammar Flip Book ★★★   This product is designed for elementary Cycle Two and Cycle Three ESL students.   In this product, you will find three flip book options to best meet your students' needs.   Option 1: ★ A Ready-To-Use Flip Book (Print - Cut and Glue..

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Book Report Templates

★★★★ 11 Book Reports to use with ANY Book! ★★★★This resource contains: ❤ 11 No-Prep book reports that are designed for your elementary students. Main Focus: ★ Title of Book ★ Author(s) ★ Illustrator(s) ★ Main character(s) ★ Setting ★ Fiction or Nonfiction ★ Drawing and writing about their..

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ESL Lap Book

★★★ ESL LAP BOOK ★★★   This fun and interactive ESL Lap Book is the perfect way to begin the school year. Your Cycle Two ESL students will love this fun and hands-on project.   In this product, you will find two lap book options to best meet your students' needs.   ..

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