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Guide de planification 2018-2019

★★★★ CAHIER DE PLANIFICATION 2018-2019 ★★★★ ✨✨ Je suis très fière de vous présenter mon cahier de planification 2018-2019! Ce guide a été conçu pour être utilisé autant par les enseignants ou spécialistes du niveau primaire que du nive..

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Sports Unit

★★★★ Sports Unit ★★★★ In this sports-themed unit, students will learn sports vocabulary through various fun speaking, grammar and writing activities. This unit is intended for elementary cycle three ESL students. All the activity pages are black and white for easy printing. Here's what'..

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Functional language Poster set and cards

This is a colorful set of 18 posters which are ideal if you want your ESL students to use the English language more spontaneously in your lessons. Print on cardstock, laminate and display on your classroom walls. To print as flash cards or half page sized posters, click "multiple" on the P..

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