TV Show Guide for ANY Episode

TV Show Guide for ANY Episode

LISTENING SKILLS: Have your students watch TV shows from a different angle! This document has been designed to develop listening and critical thinking skills while broadening learners' awareness of values, social, cultural and personal issues in our society, present and past taboos that TV show episodes may explore. There are four types of worksheets which focus mainly on: conflict situations, cultural, social, personal issues, values, comparing characters, taboos, summarizing, personal response to the text. 
These worksheets have a before watching, while watching and after watching section. This resource is not a checking understanding-type document, but it requires students to go deeper and analyze, connect and respond to the text. 

If you teach ESL learners, I would recommend using this resource mostly in your enriched/advanced groups. However, it may also be useful in core/regular ESL classes, especially, if you have mixed-ability learners. 

There are four types of worksheets in this document:

Version A: Students are required to identify: conflict situations, cultural, social, personal issues, important characters in an episode. 
Version B: Students are required to: identify the conflict, values conveyed, one of the character’s concerns and difficulties and the way she/he copes with these challenges, a scene or situation they find shocking; learners are also required to provide the summary of the episode and record some take-home notes (lessons learned). 
Version C: Students are required to: identify the conflict, compare two characters, explain the way they relate to one of the characters, provide the summary of the episode, describe their favorite scene, predict what happens next. 
Version D: This worksheet should be used to explore taboos in an episode. Students are required to identify social, cultural, institutional and personal taboos in an episode. After watching, learners need to work in pairs or small teams and give other examples of taboos. 

The worksheets can be used for a 20-30 minute-long sitcoms/episodes, however you will have to allot time for completing their answers after watching the episode. If you are short on time, let students finish the After Watching section at home and turn it in the next day. 

Resources may be in a zip, PPT or PDF file. Please make sure you can open these files.

Before downloading a product, read the product description and check out the preview document to determine if the resource is appropriate for your students. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact me. 

I would highly appreciate your feedback as it helps me improve and create better resources. Follow my store to be among the first to know about new resources, freebies and sales! 

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