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✨ Whatever you teach, make sure you love  it. Every kid deserves a teacher who makes his learning meaningful and exciting! ✨

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Accusations | Past Simple Tense Activity

This activity is designed to review the simple past tense. You can do it in teams of three or four.   ✨ Team of three example: Student A: Tim, you took my eraser! Student B: No, I didn’t take your eraser. It was Zoe. She took your eraser. Student C: I didn’t take your..

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Odd One Out |Distance Learning Activity

This is a set of 60 cards. Odd One Out is an activity that can be done alone, in pairs, with a friend online, in teams or in small groups. Students read the three words on a card and choose the odd or different one and explain why. There may be more than one right answer. Explanations might also var..

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Sally the Camel / Alice the Camel

This is a set of flashcards and activities for grade 1 ESL students based on the popular song Sally the Camel. Since many of you use the song Alice the Camel, we included both versions. In this package we included: - Sally the Camel lyrics - Alice the Camel lyrics - Colour and b/w flashcard..

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Conversation Questions, 180 cards

Product Description This is a set of 180 conversation questions for teenage ESL students. These question cards make it easier to initiate a conversation and find something to talk about. This is a great activity to get your students talk in class. Here are a few ways to use these conversa..

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There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

This is a set of flashcards and activities for grade 1 ESL students based on the popular rhyme There Was an Old Lady. In this package we included: - There was an old lady, two text (with and without a goat) - Colour and b/w flashcards - Memory game - Go Fish game - Three exercises Tell the sto..

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