ESL vacation conversation starters

ESL vacation conversation starters

✮ ESL vacation conversation starters and speaking prompts ✮

Want your ESL students to use their vacation vocabulary? This LOW PREP activity is a fun way to encourage your intermediate to advanced students to speak more. Just print and cut out the cards or you may choose to project them for a whole class activity or for when you don't want to print (or don't have time).

You can use these cards after learning specific vocabulary for vacations or as a fun interactive activity on a day when you want to just focus on speaking and reviewing vocabulary in a different way.

There are 30 questions in all. All of the questions are asked in the YOU form and require the answering student to respond using I. Most of the questions begin with an interrogative word encouraging more than YES and NO responses. Some questions are in the near future while others are in the past tense.

Topics used in these cards:

* Means of transportation

* Geographical locations

* Some airport vocabulary

* Travel destinations (beach, mountain, etc.)

* Preferences


30 color speaking prompt cards

30 black and white speaking prompt cards

9 ways to use these cards

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All cards are visually stimulating and feature a circle to punch out in the upper left corner so that you can print, laminate, cut out, punch holes and hook the cards together with a keyring. Using these cards this way makes it easy to pull them out year after year to use as LOW PREP speaking activities.

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