50 ESL This or That - Game of two extremes

50 ESL This or That - Game of two extremes

Keep your middle school and high school English or ESL students active by playing the "Two Extremes" game. The facilitator will use a stack of cards listing things, activities or places that fall at opposite ends of the spectrum, such as: salty or sweet, London or New York, Mac or PC. 

The students start standing in a big group, but when each choice is read, they move to the side of the room that the facilitator indicates is associated with their choice (see the arrows on the cards). Those who can’t make up their mind or don’t have a preference remain in the center. Students will see all of the things that they have in common with their classmates and will likely learn some new vocabulary while they’re at it!

These cards are great for middle school or high school and can be used at any time, especially when everyone needs a break and needs to stand up and move around a bit. Great as an ice-breaker activity!

This activity requires no teacher prep once the set of cards is printed and cut out. Don’t want to print or don’t have time to do so? That’s ok! There’s a PDF file with only one card per page that you can project and play as a class. 

PDF of big cards to project when you don’t want to print
Stack of 50 cards to print, cut out, punch holes in and attach with a ring - Black and white & color copies provided 
How to play

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