Opinion Text Writing Checklists ESL/ELA

Opinion Text Writing Checklists ESL/ELA

This resource includes a checklist handout, checklist task cards and checklist feedback cards (post-it notes). White background version also included. Use the checklist feedback cards as peer assessment forms or as feedback post-it notes while grading students' work. Have your students use the checklist handout while revising each part of their opinion text - introduction, development, conclusion. 

How to exactly use this resource?

Use the Opinion Text Writing Checklist (OTWC) as:
1. Handout (reference list for students to keep in their binder)
2. Poster in the classroom
3. If you are teaching the structure of an opinion text, you can also glue parts of the 
OTWC handout in students’ notebook:
Cut each part and, when students finished writing their introduction, have them glue the matching checklist in their notebook so they can revise their introductions. Do the same for the development (supporting paragraphs) and conclusion. 

There is also a task cards version of the OTWC (4 cards: Introduction, Supporting paragraphs, Conclusion).
You can:
1. give one set of cards to students so they can use this resource whenever they 
have to write an opinion text
2. keep a couple of sets of cards for classroom use 
3. use the cards during writing centers

Use the Feedback Checklist Cards (4 identical cards on the same page, two designs) to offer feedback to students or to evaluate their work. You can also use these cards for peer assessment. Staple these cards (post-it notes) together with students’ work or glue them in their notebook and check off what they did well. If there is no checkmark, learners need to review the part that has some issues. Or use the Feedback Checklist Cards when grading students’ written productions. 

All items are also available on a white background. 

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